We met with Falkirk Champs Participation Group to share each of the service design concepts so we could learn what their views of the concepts were so they could be included in future presentations to Falkirk Council and others.

Thanks go to Sarah Stow who facilitated the session and all of the Champs who came along on the night.

Champs Views

We are delighted to say all of the Champs views were positive. There was general comments such as “great ideas”, “this was educational” and “love the videos they’re very creative”, and well as some people welling up watching some of the stories.

There was also synergy between the service design concepts and work the Champs are engaged in at the moment. For example their work raising the profile of the need for Corporate Parenting training in all staff inductions, and promoting the view that relationships are two way so Corporate Parents will benefit from taking part in this kind of work as much as the young people will benefit, had clear links to each service design concept.

There was also more specific feedback that included:


Hug in a Mug

“This tea cup one is really good”

“I really like this one”

Young people said they can feel an emotional difference when staffs ‘cups are full’ and pointed out they think this [service design] is an important one to do.

Lots of young people shared stories of times when staff who looked after them had been able to spend time connecting with other members of staff in a nurturing way out and for a few days afterwards the young people said they could feel the benefit of the staff having taken time to nurture themselves.

Heart on Sleeve

“Is this happening? When would this happen?”

“I imagine this happening now, and if it was we could be a part of it”

When asked how they’d want to be part of it, it was suggested as mentors to other young people, so they’d form part of the network. A great idea we’ve been mentioning in in presentations since.

Share the Care

“Thought it was really good as is asks and shows what a Corporate Parent is”

Some young people really related to Robert’s story and could identify which his hopes for the future. They noted they hoped they could get this kind of support.

“This one needs to be the priority because it mentions training”

A strong view, shared succinctly was – “Once they know about it [corporate parenting], they can learn about it, and then they can provide it” [they saw the service design as supporting the process to becoming Corporate Parents].


Thanks again to everyone who attended on the night. It was great to ‘meet’ you all – hope to see you in the flesh sometime soon.