What we’re co-designing

In October 2019 our seven care leavers and ten public servants spent two days together to share their research findings with one another. After discussing the similarities and differences in their findings, they clustered their views and voted on which clusters they thought were most important to address. The top three clusters were:

1) Behaviours: better supporting the ways people relate to one another (with a focus on being trauma informed)
2) System change: the system Falkirk Council is part of becoming more human
3) Barriers: addressing the range of everyday barriers people experience

As this work developed these clusters became:

1) Nurturing the workforce
2) Being your self at work
3) Humanising the System

To respond to these issues we moved into three groups and each group worked with a service designer.

Learn about the process each group worked through to reach their final results by clicking each question mark below, or…. jump straight to the service design concepts and prototypes for Hug in a Mug, Heart on Sleeve and Share the Care.

Nurturing the Workforce

Nurturing Corporate Parents at Falkirk Council so they can engage in more of these types of approaches when supporting young people.

Being Yourself at Work

Ways in which corporate parents are supported to bring their personal characteristics and approaches to their professional role.

Humanising the System

Understand the barriers Falkirk Council staff experience when creating a relationship-centred culture and to providing the right: resources, support and education in place so care-experienced people to grow and thrive.