Process 17: evaluating our idea

This final stage of our creative process included looking at the potential impact our idea can have in the council by reflecting on each need identified by us in Siobhan’s journey.


 We also looked at the Design Principles defined for this project and reflected on how our proposal met each design principle. Heart on Sleeve responds to all the design principles but we have identified three levels of alignment. As presented in the image below our project responds in full to the principles: Design for reciprocity, Design for parental approaches, Design for safety and trust, and Design for vulnerability and connection. An intermediary connection was identified in Design for where people are at and are going, and lastly (but still with a high score) were the principles: Design for Love and Design with sensitivity to time and timing.

Finally, we discussed the type of transformation we expected to generate with our project Heart on Sleeve by using the Three Horizon Model. We have identified the 2nd horizon as our goal for transforming the system to fulfil our vision by supporting the workers of the Council to be themselves at work. This horizon refers to exploring and discovering new ways of moving forward which aligns with our Heart on Sleeve Network that will seed and grow a relational-based practice aimed at caring for our care leavers as we would our own children.