Our final service design idea is a network of practitioners who support relational-based practices and individual ways of being at work to humanise the way people work and relate to one another.

This is a movement of people, who will spread relational-based practices, as well as, individual and innovative ways to work with care leavers. It will start small, but aims to grow as more people learn about it, and volunteer to be part of a group committed to change and being yourself at work.

This idea is about humanising the way people work. Bringing in a caring touch to how people relate with each other in the council and with the care leavers they work with. We want to change the established mindset. This is about getting to know the person behind the files. To build meaningful, caring relationships. This is about a place to share and grow together.

A document will be made avalible by April 2021 so you can read about this service design concept.

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