Too Young For This


I am only ten, close to eleven, and the world, it fair weighs me down,

On and in my head, I wear it with dread, just like a thorny crown.

My life is in chaos, no order for me, no love and kind words to secure my mind.

I can’t settle in anything, never mind school, so the world it just leaves me behind.


So how do I survive, in this uncaring world, where love is a reality for others,

I push to the front, I smash and I punch, control my sisters and brothers.

Be the hard man at school, nobodys fool, but really I am so scared inside,

I spit and I swear, do what few would dare, in my head I just want to hide.


Push those that want to help me away, be defiant each day, and have the very last word of a row.

But who do I trust, in this world so unjust, what path can I choose, or know how?

I just want my mum, deep down I know she won’t come, but it troubles my heart all the same.

I push it out my mind, let anger out unbound, and as usual, just me takes the blame.


To help me, you’ll need to be tough, cos I am gonna put bumps in your way,

If you answer the call, be in for the long haul, I will test your commitment each day.

A caring hand on the shoulder and, as I grow older, maybe some thorns will fall from the crown,

But for now…I am only ten, close to eleven, and the world, it fair weighs me down.


D.Gibson (2019)


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels