Relationships First


I am a passionate ambassador of Relationships First,

Proud? I can only say, I am fair fit to burst.

Old and young, they dance together on the hill,

Getting the world to join us, therein lies the skill.


Adults and youth, living life to the same beat,

An achievable dream, expectations we’ll meet.

Leaving care, needs love, can I really dare?

Life on the edge, sometimes too much to bear.


We can do this, let truth be our light,

The prize is near, only just out of sight.

Trust, support and love, is the magical key,

Let’s do it together, can we make the blind see?


Let’s not make this effort, a ripple in the pond,

Make it normal, to form a lifelong bond.

Let the waves of our learning, wash up on every beach,

A program of knowledge, any trainer can teach.


David Gibson (2019)