It’s a mission not a job


I am a Residential Childcare Worker, dealing with the scraps of childhood’s lost,

I get abused’ assaulted and spat on, each and every journey has it’s cost.

But there’s the odd hug, smile and fist pump, that really makes your day,

As you guide them through life’s obstacles, making the impossible seem okay.

You pick them up, and dust them down, build a trusting relationship is key,

You advocate, stick up for them, point out positives, that they and others cannot see.

You take the blows, the outbursts, because with you, it’s safe to let it go,

It takes its toll on everyone, but as a worker, you just can’t let it show.

It’s hard not to withdraw, protect and isolate yourself from the day to day strain,

Remain positive, keep pushing through, a long view will see the gain.

Every behaviour has meaning, separating the deeds from the needs, is the trick,

Spend time and listen, get to see behind the mask, then the rest will soon go click.

You might need to give a piece of you, to make it all feel genuine and right,

Being true to them as well as yourself, that will keep you in the fight.

You won’t change the world overnight, you might only make the curve more flat.

Two steps forward one step back, content yourself with that.

Corporate Parenting, means each and everyone of us, needs to know our role,

Long term relationships, and treating our young people as our own is the only and ultimate goal.

You should feel safe to care, connect and support them through the years,

Celebrate life’s joys and tragedies, feel able to wipe away the tears.

You need supported, trained and supervised, time allocated to the task,

Doing the day to day work, and being a long term friend to many, can be a difficult ask.

Find new ways to learn, from experts and experience from the present and the past,

Just maybe you will make a difference, with long term change, and relationships that last.


David Gibson (2020)

Photo @helloimnik on Upsplash