Hugs, Hearts and Nurture

So the mug has been hugged, each sleeve has a heart,

The workforce is nurtured, now It’s time for us to part.

Systems change ideas delivered, projects pitched and refined,

Memories filled with new friends, the best you will find.

Now it’s up to the management, to push the change through,

Some will work on side projects, or on to pastures anew.

We’ve created a movement, relationships and love at the centre,

We can look on with some pride, or be an inspirational mentor.

We’ve all been on a journey, not all made it to the end of the task,

New learning, minds changed, as we let other see past the mask.

Let Falkirk be the pride of Scotland, show them how it gets done,

As they sometimes say, build it, and soon they will come.

Challenges faced and conquered, not even covid could make us sway,

We have kept to the task for two long years, come whatever may.

So here’s to the future, the world that’s a wee bit more bright.

For each and every care leaver, we’ll soon be getting it right.

So for tonight, get on your glad rags and book your just eat,

Turn on the laptop, and have a wee seat.

Congratulate yourself, you deserve it, the difference you made,

All those ideas, you smashed it, strong foundations you laid.

So I raise a wee glass, be it a cola or something more strong,

Here’s to you, all my friends, may you be happy and live long.

May you achieve, in this world, all that you may seek,

And as they say in these parts “Lang may yer lum Reek!”

David Gibson 2021