Final Evaluation

We are pleased to present the final project evaluation for Relationships First Project.

From the outset we spoke openly about this project providing a new way of working which had not been tried before. In many respects we were taking a leap of faith. Over the life of the project we invited many people to support and engage in the delivery of our ambitious project plan on the basis that what we were seeking to achieve – putting love and relationships at the centre of services across Falkirk Council- was the right thing to do. We sought to create a movement and were delighted with each ripple experienced.

Despite many challenges expected when grappling with a new approach, we were also met with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm.

We learned a lot more from our engagement in this work than we ever imagined and are grateful for this experience. We are delighted that our work has created much interest with plans in place by Falkirk Council to embrace service co-design and develop this further.

This report provides evidence on the progress made towards five core outcomes:

    1. Participants recognise the range of skills they have developed and are confident in applying them in other settings.
    2. Participants understand how their contributions are being used to improve leaving care services.
    3. Workforce feels more knowledgeable and enabled to support and connect with young people relationally as they leave care.
    4. Falkirk Council has a clearer vision and people with knowledge, skills and confidence to co-design relational Leaving Care Services.
    5. A shared sense of purpose has been created between people with care experienced and members of workforce.

and complements the previous project learning review.