Process 11-12: Getting creative

After the creation of the key insight cards and its prioritisation, the Key Insight Card 1 (cluster: Language) was transformed into the following question to spark ideas during a brainstorming: How can we make professional language relational?

We have also decided on the target audience for our project: Middle management/line managers. The team decided to choose this audience because they all agreed that these are key influencers of culture, mindset, and behaviours in a service.

To generate ideas using brainstorming and brainwriting techniques, supported by lateral thinking techniques such as the Six Thinking Hats (de Bono 1985),  Six Action Shoes (de Bono 1991), and four types of Analogies: Direct, Symbolic, Personal, Fantastic (Michalko 1991).

After the generation of ideas, and its division in clusters, we sorted them in a matrix of importance/feasibility, below.

Our next step is to start refining these ideas and prototype a few solution.