Research and analysis

The research interviews took place on 5th and 6th March 2020 and were led by Charlotte and Kate. Over the two days, they spoke to:

  • 2 x Employment and Training co-ordinators
  • 1 x Revenue Officer, Revenue and Benefits Service
  • 1 x Accounting Support Assistant, Revenue and Benefits Service
  • 2 x Housing Officers
  • 1 x Receptionist, the Denny Hub
  • 1 x Multi skilled advisor
  • 1 x Housing Needs Support Officer

Following the interviews, Kate typed up the interview transcripts. 

In the period between the 6th March and Session 5 (on 10th March) with the co-design team, Kate worked to analyse the research data and pulled out some of the emerging broad themes from the research. These broad research themes were then interrogated by the group at session 5.

At session 5, the group worked to analyse and cluster the research themes. The purpose of this exercise was to choose our areas of focus for the ideation session. Below are the focus areas that the group developed:

What are the barriers to providing a nurturing approach?

  • Time
  • Lack of awareness / information about Corporate Parenting
  • Communication methods / systems that do not facilitate nurture
  • Information Sharing
  • Information between services / working closely with other services

Ways we can nurture the nurturers?

  • Working in nurturing ways as a team
  • Upskilling (counselling skills / nurture skills)
  • Attitudes and understanding of staff

Ways in which workers can demonstrate nurture with young people

  • One point of contact
  • Demonstrating nurture with young people
  • Person centred work with individuals
  • Going above and beyond
  • Translation / being user friendly
  • Environment
  • Awareness of transitions and their role

The group also chose the personas they would like to ideate around on 14th March – they chose Walter and Siobhan.