Finding our focus again

Covid-19 meant that we needed to take a break and after such a brilliant session at the ideation day where our group were bursting with ideas, it was a sad time. However, after a long break it was good to come back together and look at our ideas with fresh eyes.

Instead of working together in a room, we were now working on Zoom using digital tools like Miro and Padlet which was a learning for us all!

We spent time going over the insight cards from our personas and the ideas we had generated at the ideation day. We also re-read our research focus areas to remind ourselves about the work

We then discussed our reflections from the reading. We asked Hollie-Ann if she could tell us about some experiences in her care journey which have felt nurturing… Hollie-Ann told us about working with a befriender who constantly went above and beyond in her role to show Hollie-Ann love and care, “She felt like a big sister”. For the purposes of our group, we decided to rename our persona ‘Gill’ to align her with Hollie-Ann’s befriender and began to consider how Gill could experience nurture at Falkirk Council. This was a real turning point for our group – how could our ideas encourage more staff to deliver the care and support that ‘Gill’ was able to deliver?