The Falkirk Nurture Tree

Revisiting our persona Gill prompted lots of conversation about the need for a nurturing culture at Falkirk and led us to the idea of a ‘nurture tree’ at Falkirk Council. The tree could help a worker like Gill develop nurture in her practice and also make sure that Gill is a nurtured member of staff.

We worked to categorise all of the ideas under the following tree categories:

RootsHow Falkirk Council are implementing a strategy for ‘nurturing the workforce’ for Gill and her colleagues.

Core: How Falkirk Council are  supporting Gill in her role

Connections: The opportunities for development for Gill.

Air, Water, Soil: How Falkirk Council are  embedding a culture of nurture (and learning about nurture themselves)

What was great about this exercise was that we could quickly see how an idea related to Gill, our persona. We asked ourselves questions like:

“If Gill had [for example, the nurture tapestry] in her roots but she is struggling with [for example,  the information sharing between services] in her connections, what do we need to put in place for Gill?